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To ensure an unforgettable experience, we organise Students’ Music Recitals, empowering learners to showcase their musical talents on stage.

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take center stage

At Maison Musicale, we go

in nurturing our students' performance abilities.

We believe that the best musical journey for our students is one that brings them happiness, allows them to thrive and helps them reach their full potential in music. 

By organising these exceptional music concerts in an open and warm environment, we bring our students a unique opportunity to grow in confidence and share their inner voice. 

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student concerts


christmas crescendo '23

Notting Hill,
St. John´s

summer serenade '23

Holland Park,
Leighton House.

the sounds of christmas '22

Notting Hill,
St. Peter's Church

Amelia had the most incredible experience in
her first ever live performance. 

thank you                .

- maison musical parent 

maison musicale

student concerts


sounds of
the stage

may 11th, 2024

Wathen Hall,
St. Paul's School.

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Find out about our upcoming performances around London as Maison Musicale students demonstrate their artistry and achievements, communicating on the stage.