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We nurture our student's confidence and lifelong passion for music through engaging at-home piano lessons and empowering performance opportunities.

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we are maison musicale,

We aim to fill your home with music.

We strive to design for you the                                                           
an empowering artistic journey tailored to your goals, interests and skills. 

With care and support, we wish to empower you, boost your self confidence, and promote an endless music enjoyment. 

complete music experience

at your service.

what we do


We foster a lifelong enthusiasm for music through at home piano lessons, and extra activities aimed
at enhancing the performance of each student.

Enriching lives with music, from the comfort of your home.

music lessons


Adaptation to your schedule needs.


Personalised learning plan with a varied, exciting, and engaging repertoire.


Curriculum with official certifications.

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at Home and Online Lessons


Magical events for young and old where they can share their progress and live the experience of playing in public, surrounded by friends and family.

We're experts in creating unforgettable musical memories.

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step into the spotlight!

private events

we bring music to your home

+ family concerts

+ professional performances

home delivered

Unforgettable student performances at home in front of friends and family to gradually build your little ones' confidence in a familiar setting.

Professional performances for private and corporate events, by Maison Musicale's
highly experienced musicians. 

your home

full of music

nurturing and attentive

caring service

engaging and passionate

inspirational mentors

personalised and thoughtful

unique curriculum

Timely, attentive, and positive
attention to families.

Motivational personalities
with a true devotion to teaching.

Individualised musical planning for a complete artistic development.


Our approach is unique and bespoke.
Your joy, your progress - our priority. 

We acknowledge that each student is unique, with different interests and learning styles. We take the time to know YOU.
We craft a tailor-made journey that nurtures your creativity
and fosters growth, on a journey that's truly your own.

beginner, intermediate & advanced

Our Manifesto:

“nurturing a                 
Enthusiasm for music from the                   of your home."      

- maison musicale



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Student Concert Highlights

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live performances

Joy-filled memories of music-making for all the family.

music recitals

convenient learning

Frequent opportunities to perform
at London venues.

Comfortable at-home learning
to your timetable. 

caring service

Motivational personalities with
a true devotion for teaching.

inspiring mentors

unique curriculum

Timely, attentive and upbeat
customer service.

Personalised music planning for
a complete artistic development.

passionate, patient, engaging, supportive, inspiring

our music teachers

A highly experienced team of caring piano teachers and performers who consistently deliver excellent results and meaningful musical memories.

Arabella had the most enjoyable experience
in her first ever piano lesson. 

thank you                     

- maison musical parent 

maison musicale

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maison musicale

We would love to hear a bit about about yourselves, your musical interests and goals for the future.
We are eager to work with families of varying musical abilities to hopefully help your home become full of music.