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Our approach to music education yields pure joy and exceptional results. We take pride in nurturing our students’ individual strengths and personal interests, which leads to impressive achievements and a long-term love for music.

MM offers quality piano tuition across  London, offered either at-home or through
convenient online lessons. 

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Our commitment to our students’ musical growth extends beyond the piano lessons themselves. 

We provide ongoing advice and support to our piano students and their families, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling piano learning experience. 

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+ Student Centred Approach

+ Highest Teaching Standards

+ monitoring and supervision

+ unique program

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“This podcast is my go-to for long drives, my morning runs, and my daily commute to the city. I can't get enough.”

- Katy

Student Centred Approach

Our excellent reputation is built on timely and attentive communication with our students and their families. We believe in taking the time to get to know you on a deeper level, understanding your needs and vision.

Our approach ensures that our students achieve their goals, whether they seek a nurturing and fun music experience or are preparing for specific piano exams and competitions.

attentive, personalised and success-driven

Highest Teaching Standards

Each student is unique and deserves individualised attention and care. We understand that each student’s aspirations are unique, so we invest our time to delineate the best learning path and plan for them.

We handpick our piano instructors through a rigorous selection process and train them to ensure that they are well-equipped to provide exceptional instruction and support to our students.

tailored, rigorous and exceptional

Unique Programme

At Maison Musicale we have developed a unique programme and original piano curriculum, which sets us apart from other piano teaching services.
Our distinctive features enable us to provide a rigorous and tailored action plan carefully crafted to be flexible and adaptable to meet their individual needs and preferences.

One of the key features of our curriculum is its focus on holistic development. While technical proficiency is essential, we go beyond that and integrate other key elements and diverse repertoire to nurture well-rounded musicians who can express themselves with confidence and creativity.

innovative, customised and holistic

Monitoring & Supervision

Due to our commitment to excellence, we invest in monitoring both piano teacher performance and student progress.
After conducting an initial assessment, we create a comprehensive report and design a personalised learning plan for the student and their teacher.

Our monitoring senior team conducts regular reviews and oversight to ensure the quality of our program. We also provide regular feedback to our families, keeping them informed about the student’s musical development and giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts.

thorough, personalised and transparent

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Embrace the joy of learning the piano with us at Maison Musicale!
Whether you are a young beginner or an adult looking to pursue your passion for music, Maison Musicale is the ideal place to foster your joy and musical growth.