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+ positive and upbeat attitude

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Supportive Learning

We thrive on courtesy, mutual respect, professionalism and approachability, fostering a culture of inclusion, openness and a strong sense of duty of care towards our students, families and music team.

invested in your success

dedicated to providing

Exceptional Attentive Care

We take the time to truly understand your needs and concerns, ensuring that our private piano lessons are tailored to bring out the best in each student while managing their expectations effectively.

Each Maison Musicale family is embraced as our own and our commitment to excellence sets us apart.
We will go the extra mile to assist and support you.

every step of the way.

quick and efficient


We prioritise personal and prompt response to all queries, showing you great respect to your needs and valuing your time. We will answer your call and email promptly and efficiently, resolving all inquiries with accurate and straightforward information.

At Maison Musicale you will find unwavering dedication, commitment and a 


spreading positivity

Positive and Upbeat

As a team of passionate, professional educators and musicians, we always maintain a cheerful and constructive attitude with our students.

Our shared love for music and teaching infuses our interactions with positivity, inspiring our students to embrace the beauty of piano playing.

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We can hardly wait for each Thursday to roll around.
You're bringing so much             to our home.

- maison musicale parent