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+ comprehensive assessment

+ student's insights

+ ongoing supervision

+ individualised learning plan

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+ dedicated team

+ progressive tracking

getting to know you


The journey with our students begins with understanding your needs and aspirations. We engage in conversations with parents to gather background information and insights into the support required, learning about your potential and areas for growth and improvement.

Informed by these insights, we shape a detailed report and a tailor-made learning plan, curated for lessons with your dedicated piano teacher. This report will become the roadmap for your musical journey, guiding the way for your growth and progress.  


This will be regularly reviewed and overseen by our senior team, to ensure a consistent quality of teaching, effectiveness and advancement.  

committed to your growth

monitoring leadership


Regular assessments and progress tracking are integral to our curriculum. We believe in setting realistic short-term and long-term goals for our students and providing them with the support and encouragement needed to achieve these milestones.

We provide each piano teacher with a monitoring manager from a senior leadership team to ensure consistent teaching quality and effectiveness.

devoted to your progress

They are more than just a piano academy, they are a                                                     
with a genuine interest in the well-being of their students.

nurturing family

maison musicale parent

unwavering dedication

your growth

With our personalised approach and dedicated team, we are confident that our piano teaching services will be the perfect place for aspiring pianists like you to flourish and enjoy music.