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We are experts in creating meaningful musical experiences and memories,
filling your life and home with music.

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We build healthy, caring and long-lasting relationships with our students and families.

We firmly believe that meaningful learning comes from a real level of trust between teacher, parent/guardian and student, grounded in genuine care, positivity and support.

communication, integrity, 
empathy and
inner harmony.

As a husband-and-wife team,
we are thrilled to share                   with you -

our story

our story

Two passionate yet challenging journeys that led us to Maison Musicale,
a home full of music.



Music has been an integral part of my life since childhood. I recall my first piano lesson vividly, feeling the keys beneath my fingers and the thrill of learning those first notes. However, my journey as a pianist was not going to be without its challenges.

MMus Music education, csu
BMus piano pedagogy, esmuc
BA(Hons) music education, uab

Early teachers, with their strict, unforgiving and technical approach, left me questioning my musical worth, despite scholarships and concert opportunities.

Yet, my love for music persisted, thanks to a transformative teacher who prioritised joy and passion. He ignited my love for the instrument and changed my perspective entirely.

It was this transformative experience that kindled my desire to become a piano teacher breaking the cycle of discouragement and frustration.
I made it my mission to create a nurturing environment where students can thrive, discover their potential, and develop a deep love for music – just as I did.


director of studies

the art of the teacher is to awaken joy in creative expression

- albert einstein

Discovering music through the violin at a young age was exhilarating. However, an unexpected blow in the family left me unable to continue music lessons. Despite this setback, I was determined not to let my musical journey end.

Self-taught at the piano, I practised relentlessly, pouring my heart and soul into every keystroke. Challenges helped me discover the transformative power of music in shaping emotions and inspiring creativity. My dedication gained recognition, leading to opportunities at renowned conservatories and concert halls worldwide.

Remembering the struggles throughout my journey, I now approach each student with empathy and understanding, striving not only for technical excellence but also a deep appreciation for the art of music and the joy of playing the piano. 




My journey to become a pianist and educator has been led by perseverance, passion and the transformative power of music in the face of adversity.

mperf piano performance, rcm
bmus (hons) piano performance, byui
aimeb (t) piano performance, aicm
p.dipimeb piano teaching, aicm

artistic director

“It’s not just about hitting
the right notes but finding
     and                in playing
     the piano"      

- maison musicale



our mission

Every child, teenager or adult is treated with respect and encouragement. We believe that everyone has a unique musical journey, and our role as teachers is to guide and inspire, nurture and encourage.

Whether you aspire to become professional pianists or simply want to enjoy music as a lifelong hobby,
we are dedicated to nurturing your growth and ensuring you never doubt your value and potential. 

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We promise to not only impart knowledge and skills but also inspire a love for music that will last a lifetime.